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Our Origins

Perfecting the journey of food has been at the core of LT Foods from the very beginning.  It was a mission started by rice trader Raghunath Arora in 1950, who cared deeply about the distribution of food in his community.

In the small village of Bhikhiwind in the Punjab state of Northern India, Raghunath inspected each batch of rice by hand  – ensuring that families enjoyed the best quality while farmers received a fair price for their crop.

Over the course of the next five decades, his vision grew from a single grain of rice to a successful global foods company.

When Vijay Kumar Arora and his three brothers Ashwani, Surinder and Ashok joined their father’s business, they set a collective goal to provide quality food to families around the world.

Over the next two decades, the family business implemented strict processing standards that helped establish brands like Daawat® as a household name. In order to push the company to the next level of excellence, the company was successfully taken public on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2006.

LT Foods then branched into the US market by acquiring the Royal® brand in 2007, which quickly became the best-selling Basmati Rice in America.  With a 25 year proven track record, Royal has been a trusted household brand enjoyed by American consumers.

And from our humble beginnings to today, LT Foods has established a reputation for delivering premium quality foods to families around the world.

LT Foods Watermark