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The History & Family of LT Foods

In 1950, my father Shri Raghunath Arora created what was to become LT Foods with little more than a grain of rice and a vision. His dream was to provide the highest quality rice to the families of his village, without sacrificing a fair price for the hardworking farmers.

When I was young, I remember my father explaining to me the ethics and business practices he valued most. “The rules are simple,” he said. “Start with an excellent product. Never forget that your employees are the key to your success. Sell only what you would be proud to feed your family every day.” These words are my guide to this very day.

After joining my father’s business in 1978, we launched the Daawat® brand, which was the embodiment of his vision to bring premium quality rice to families. Today, Daawat is a household name and one of India’s best-selling rice. We expanded our offerings by acquiring the Royal® brand in 2007, which is now the #1 selling Basmati Rice in America.

My father’s simple philosophy transformed our humble rice mill business into a global foods company with a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide.

As we celebrate three generations of being a family-run company, the success of the LT Foods’ brands family means my father’s dream of being a global “rice expert” has become a reality.

Looking to the future, LT Foods will retain a global presence with many exciting, sustainable initiatives. We will continue to champion fair trade for our farmers and deliver unsurpassed value to families with the long-standing values on which we were founded.

Then, now and always,

Vijay Kumar Arora

Chairman and Managing Director

LT Foods Ltd.

LT Foods Watermark