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Our Story

Delivering quality from farm to fork for nearly three quarters of a century.
Rice fields, raw rice grains and cooked rice

In 1950, the founder of LT Foods, Shri Raghunath Arora, established a business built on five integral principles of business: commitment to innovation, passion for excellence, personal ownership, customer centricity and business ethics. These five principles have guided our journey from a single Basmati rice mill to a globally recognized expert in rice and grains.

Today, LT Foods is one of the few global companies that oversees the harvesting, milling, processing and distribution of our foods. We take pride in knowing where each grain of our rice comes from. As an example, LT Foods works hand in hand with 4,500 farmers across 400 villages and 50,000 acres of land in the Madhya Pradesh region of India to grow our rice, and we employ the highest levels of quality control to ensure only the best goes into our products.

We have forged strong, direct ties with our farmers and strive to give back to the communities that grow our rice through a number of corporate social responsibility programs. Since the beginning, LT Foods has established Basmati cultivation awareness programs that aim to educate farmers on sustainable, natural farming practices along with providing villages with economic assistance and ensuring farmers receive the best price per acre for their crop.

From Daawat®, to Royal® to our specialty brands, LT Foods is dedicated to providing the very best farm-to-fork experience for families to enjoy.

LT Foods Watermark