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Position: Ethnic Foods Global Brand Manager, North America


  1. Develop marketing plan for entire North America for entire group of all LT Foods Brands.
  2. Develop market strategies including packaging concepts, promotions, advertising and media plans.
  3. Develop advertising, grass roots marketing, and Social media strategies.
  4. Formulate plans and select target products and markets.
  5. Track competitor marketing promotions to manage competitive threats.
  6. Evaluate effectiveness in raising brand awareness/value of proposition.
  7. Conduct market research.
  8. Identify and understand evolving consumer needs, segmentation, and marketplace trends.
  9. Implement, monitor LT Foods global pricing strategies to North America market.
  10. Perform brand analysis. This includes price analysis.
  11. Initiate and manage LT's global promotions strategy in North America.
  12. Organize region wide and nation-wide big brand sales events, partnering with sales team to serve as key contact.
  13. Formulate North America distribution strategy.
  14. Develop marketing content Traditional and Nontraditional media in coordination with ad agencies in USA and India
  15. Facilitate TV media buy for all Ethnic channels for LTFA brands.

Requirements & Qualifications:

Must have B.S. in International Business, Business, or equiv; Must have 6 years (or 72 months) of relevant experience as Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, or equiv.

To apply:

Send resume, degree, transcripts, and salary requirement,; or LT Foods Americas, 11130 Warland Drive, Cypress, CA 90630.

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