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Starring Royal Basmati Rice

A Taste of New York with Royal® Basmati Rice

ROYAL Basmati Rice hit the Big Apple in January and February 2015.

Shot at Junoon, the prestigious Indian Michelin starred restaurant, Chef Kamrun Naseem and Pastry Chef Matt Morotto created two heavenly delicious recipes featuring ROYAL Basmati Rice, the #1 Authentic Indian Basmati Rice in America. 

A Taste of New York airs on Time Warner Cable, Wednesdays at 7pm. With more than 3.5 million viewers weekly, ToNY has been heralding the tasty bites and great foods found around the New York area for the past 9 years.

Learn, enjoy and marvel at what makes Basmati Rice live up to its name: The Queen of Rice. Look for more information on ROYAL Basmati Rice on the website or find Taste of New York on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

ROYAL Basmati Rice: Authentic Indian Basmati Rice from the Foothills of the Himalayas. Be adventurous!

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